Beauty × Life Style × Healing

Sense your life

Follow your intuition

Luxury Travel with special experts in Japan










More fuburous

More stylish




・Healing, Health, Hot spring

・Rich in nature, air, water

・Capital + Suburb, OMOTENASHI service

・Discovery in minors

・Beauty experience with detailed skills

・Finest beauty salons, hair & nail, makeup, fashion

・Personal stylist & shopper, meet the experts in Japan

・Cultural tours

・Beautiful cuisine

・Japanese life style & spirit

・Seasonal editions







       Material desire to Experience, the Experience to < WISH >






Health and Healing

A healing and spiritual country Japan,

surrounded by rich nature, beautiful mountains and sea.

Enjoy the air and water, hot springs and delicious cultural meals,

Feel the hospitality and just be relaxed in zen mind.

Sense the seasons and mystery of Japan, and beautifully heal both of

mental and physical health. 





 Beauty makeover 

Wish to be produced more beautifully and fashionably in Japan.

Hair makeup, nail, beauty salon…Japanese detailed care and service.

Beauty experience by premium Japanese style

Create an atmosphere in your exterior





Life style

Sense Japan with our experts and lifestyle

Special spots and areas, selected boutiques, fashion, souvenirs, interior design and gourmets

Spend quality time with your lovers

Cultural experiences in Japanese tradition and history

Extend your joyfulness on <theme> vacation

We produce unforgettable emotions.

In our photogenic shooting, let’s see and sparkle your beauty

inside and outside at the location.





Broadcast your tours on your media

 Everyone expresses themselves independently.

We will broadcast our view of “Beauty × Life Style × Healing” tours!

By taking a photogenic picture after beauty setup,

we encourage customers to post the beautiful pictures on SNS,

to raise expectations of the following customers.




Life, work, leisure…and

Beauty is the other human instinct besides the three main desires.

Let’s make BEAUTIFUL TRAVEL in Japan.